Best Social Health and Fitness Social Media Sites

Best Social Health and Fitness Social Media Sites
Here’s a look at where fitness minded people are going for the motivation they need to look their best.

There are many online destinations for people who have a variety of fitness goals. Some are better than others, but a few have separated themselves as the leading websites for people seeking motivation, tips, and training techniques as they take their journey into the world of fitness.

Here is a look at some of the top websites for people who are interested in getting more out of their training program:

  1. Body Fitness Hub

    Body Fitness Hub has quickly established itself as a leading environment for people who are interested in taking their fitness to a new level through an enhanced online experience. Tips and techniques are a part of the site as well as a robust community of committed fitness enthusiasts.

  2. Social Gym

    Social Gym is a great way for people to track their workouts using an app for mobile devices. This allows them to find motivation from others as they share their workouts and chart their progress through routines that they create.

  3. My Yoga

    My Yoga is for people who are looking for the very latest in this highly effective way to achieve fitness and balance through yoga. See yoga routines from others that can help enhance health and flexibility.

  4. Map My Fitness

    Join Map My Fitness to get a full picture of your fitness level. Find routes for your run or walk in cities anywhere in the world, log your nutrition, and share your progress with others.

  5. Fitocracy

    Earn points as you achinve your fitness goals on this website where people can choose from a variety of different fitness disciplines. Strength, cardio, sports, weight loss, and sports are some of the choices.

  6. Extrapounds

    Log exercise, diet, and weight loss on this site designed to help people find the motivation to lose weight. There are also weight loss blogs and groups for people who are working to get in shape through weight loss.

  7. Daily Mile

    Track your running here in a Twiter-style format that enables you to see how other people are progressing as they tackle their own challenges on the road.

  8. Traineo

    Traineo is a weight loss app that enables the user to track their progress suing many different metrics. Use it to log your fitness achievements and get the motivation from others to push yourself to the next level.

  9. Sparkpeople

    Nutrition and exercise are at the core of any great weight loss plan. Sparkpoeple is the place for people who are working to lose weight to find helpful tips and motivation as they work to slim down and get healthier.

  10. Daily Burn

    Daily Burn is the place for people to find the right workout to meet their goals. Find something tailored to help you trim down, tone up, and look your very best.

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