Profound Challenges in Planet Sustainability

Lush green trees in a mist filled meadow.
Learn about important environmental issues on Planet Sustainability Television. Image courtesy of dan at

Planet Sustainability hopes to push the limits of television as a means of education. Episode 5 may be the pinnacle of the series as one of the most personally challenging episodes that viewers will encounter. The fifth episode focuses on the global issue of environmental sustainability, and it is sure to grab the attention of viewers.

In true form, Planet Sustainability asks the hard questions to everyday people watching the series; dares them to wonder what personal changes could do to improve the situation, but also drives home the reality of the problem that the world is facing. To be certain, changing minds takes time and it can be difficult for people to understand how their choices could possibly affect something as large as the earth, but episode 5 can help make it easier to comprehend.

Planet Sustainability provides a unique look at the way that human economics is in a state of desperate need to change in order to halt the damage being done on the environment, and the future harm that is looming ahead. Viewers will be exposed to opinions of real people who are not only aware of the problem, but who are also personally driven to making the issues known so a solution can be determined. The producers of the show know that change is hard, but in episode 5, they’ll urge viewers to ask themselves, “why not start the process with me?”.

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