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BT-Web-logoBusiness Today has expanded its profiles of companies and individuals to reach viewers across North America. The cable television program provides features of many interesting companies, people and places who are setting trends in a wide diversity of industries from smartphone technology and green energy to telecommunications, travel and furniture manufacturing. The Business Today TV show is unique among business oriented content because of its educational mission.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a smartphone production facility? Business Today shows you how it is done! Have you ever wondered how solar panel technology is fabricated to take advantage of high sunshine locations at an affordable price? Business Today brings you to the forefront of the solar power production process.

Whether an entrepreneur or small business owner, CEO or stock trader, few television programs enlighten us as they entertain us with their inspiring stories. Interested in learning more about financial news? How about the hospitality industry? Business Today will teach, inspire and fascinate with its many newsworthy and timely topics:

  • Computer Science
  • Divorce Law
  • Green Energy
  • Smartphone Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Equity Management

and much much more. To learn about the Business Today program, visit the official website at

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