G-Star School Student Making a Musical Mark

Tyler Grow (left) has overcome his own past to become one of G-Star's bets students
Tyler Grow (left) has overcome his own past to become one of G-Star’s bets students

G Star School of the Arts produced many remarkable students, but few have overcome as much adversity as Tyler Grow to chart their path to success. Tyler’s childhood was marked by poor treatment inside an orphanage in Romania, where he sustained a head injury. He deals with the implications of that injury to his day, but it has not impacted his immense musical talent.

Tyler’s gift for music recently landed him an incredible opportunity at a film scoring workshop at New York University. This summer program gives young composers and musicians a chance to work with some of the most talented people in the industry, and Tyler is one of only a handful of high school students ever accepted to the program.

He was recently featured on WPTV in West Palm Beach in a story highlighting his achievements and his incredible talent.

G Star is recognized for its outstanding academics among Palm Beach County magnet schools. More than 44% of students have a G.P.A. of greater than 3.5, and one in five students carried a 4.0. The school scores higher in performance metrics for math, reading writing and science, averaging 22% higher average grades. Students have parlayed their academic success at G Star into scholarships at some of the country’s leading performing arts programs at schools.

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