PROPEL Reshaping Balloon Sinuplasty

PROPEL is an important new addition to the array of technology used in balloon sinuplasty in Palm Beach. It is a dissolvable stent that can be used to hold the nasal passages open after the procedure. As the stent dissolves, it releases anti-inflammatory drugs that can help reduce the risk of some of the complications that can arise from the procedure.

Balloon sinuplasty involves using a balloon to displace the bones in the sinuses. By widening the sinus passages, better drainage can be promoted, which can help alleviate sinus pain. Balloon sinuplasty utilizes technology that people most commonly associate with cardiac procedures: a catheter and balloon are the stars of the show.

The PROPEL stent is opened when the balloon is inflated, unleashing the benefits to this wonderful innovation.

In clinical trials, Propel has been shown safe and is the only sinus surgery product proven with level 1-A evidence as to its effectiveness and safety. It reduces scarring, inflammation, and polyps while also lowering the need for oral steroid medication or further surgery.

Fix Your Sinuses offers this technology as part of balloon sinuplasty Palm Beach. This procedure can give people the relief from chronic sinus pain that they deserve.

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