Eagle Arts Academy Bringing Back the Arts

Eagle Arts Academy, wellington FL, palm beach county charter schoolsFor the last two decades public schools have been systematically eliminating art programs in the misguided belief that more time spent pouring over the maths and sciences will somehow increase our youth’s overall collective intelligence. Well, those at Eagle Arts Academy believe differently. With their inspired, 21st Century program called ARTADEMIX, Eagle Arts Academy works to integrate the arts like never before. Now your children can learn and experience the core curriculum as well as those extracurricular options through an arts-based class work design.

Ensuring Creative Freedom and Technical Understanding

Specifically designed to enhance critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creative skills, the ARTADEMIX program infuses its core curriculum of reading, math, science, and language arts by engaging its students in a wide variety of reading selections, group projects, art-based performance assessments, and interdisciplinary learning methods. Furthermore, Eagle Arts ensures that the creative freedom and technical understanding of any specific art your child expresses an interest in is at their disposal via their 40-minute-a-day extracurricular program.

Teacher-Student Relationships Similar to a Private School’s

As one of the largest Palm Beach County charter schools, Eagle Arts strives to maintain close teacher-student relations through their looping methodology. Looping is when a teacher is “moved up” grade-by-grade each year in order to keep pace with the same class of students. In Eagle Arts’ case, however, instead of one teacher moving with a class, a set of three or more teachers will be moving with your student. This ensures that your child’s needs are being met in a progressive fashion without the drawback of their education being overseen by only one person. Looping makes Eagle Arts a great choice of school if you wish for your student to have a more personable relationship with their teachers.

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