Finding A Great Medispa

medispa_1_editWith the rise in popularity of simple cosmetic procedures, medical spas have been spreading across the nation. Now, instead of sitting in your doctor’s office next to a woman coughing into a handful of grimy tissues just to get a bit of skin tended to, there are wellness centers that combine the average beauty care with the extra in a simple, calming experience. Relax in a spa-like environment while you are attended to by licensed medical professionals for procedures like body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and medically assisted weight loss programs. However, because regulations regarding medical spas are rather lax, there are a few key things to look for when choosing a reliable one for yourself.

MediSpa Doctors and Staff

Medical_spa_1Although not all states require it, medispas do not have to be owned or operated by someone with a Medical Degree. However, many medispas are at least¬†associated with a licensed physician in order to give the appearance of legitimacy. Before going in, it is important to look into doctor’s professional medical background to see if their credentials support the services being provided. In addition, the staff on hand to perform the procedures should have ample experience and a matching medical license.

Remedies that Work With Your Body

Yoga_zenA large attraction to medispas is the ease of access to cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal or botox. While both of these procedures have their uses, a true medical spa should double as a wellness center and provide solutions that work with your body’s natural functions rather than against. Places like Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation pride themselves in their state of the art procedures that work on the principles of working with what the human body does naturally to achieve desired results. Consider how you are planning to achieve your desired results before choosing any medical spa for your next cosmetic procedure.

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