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People don’t think about their breathing until they get a cold or allergy season kicks in. What was once second nature consumes their thoughts: How do I unblock my sinuses? How do I alleviate this pressure in my head? Sinus problems cause a variety of problems, things we take for granted until they are a problem.

But people who suffer from chronic congestion or allergies know this struggle all too well. Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors, like Dr. Wilson DuMornay of Broward ENT Services, are these individuals’ only chance to finally breathe like their normal selves again.

About the Doctor

Dr. Wilson DuMornay

Dr. DuMornay’s elite education makes him one of the premier ENT doctors in the Fort Lauderdale area. He attended Temple University School of Medicine and graduated with honors. He moved to New Orleans for surgery training at Tulane Medical Center. At Albert Einstein University, he received his training in Otolaryngology and Neck Surgery. It was his fellowship at University of Miami for Head and Neck Oncology that lead him to the South Florida area, where his career has flourished.

His specalities in a variety of areas (septoplasty, thyroid surgery, and bronoschoscopy just to name a few) make Dr. Wilson DuMornay a force to be reckoned with. One of his newer procedures, balloon sinuplasty, opens up patients’ airways and helps them feel their best. Unlike traditional surgeries, balloon sinuplasty, or balloon dilation surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure and involves no cutting or removal of bone and tissue. It simply involves inserting a small balloon catheter to open blocked sinuses and facilitate drainage. There is hardly any down time with this surgery, and most patients return to their normal routine in two days. Most patients report a significant improvement in not only sinus symptoms, but overall quality of life.

Impressive Service and Staff

Broward ENT Services also offers a number of other services—allergy testing, vestibular (inner ear) testing, head and neck surgery, rhinoplasty, and a number of other procedures that accommodate the many problems patients may run into. His chemical peels are among the newest of Dr. Mornay’s offered procedures. These peels have zero downtime and offer quick fixes to a variety of skin issues a patient may experience.

Patients are very positive about Dr. DuMornay and his staff. They are reported to be kind and thorough, even fixing problems that other doctors failed to solve for patients in the past. So stop waiting, and get treatment from Broward ENT Services.

To learn more about the offered services, contact Broward ENT at (954) 368-3348, or

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