Dr. Angelo Thrower Making Waves with Revolutionary Skin Care Line

Dr. Angelo Thrower is a man who has been changing the skin and hair care game for over 25 years. He specializes in a variety of treatments designed to properly address an individual’s personal skin needs at his MedSpa, including but not limited to dermaplaning, skin lighting, and laser hair removal.

The Total Solution Kit Will Be All You Need For Skin Care

Dr. Angelo Thrower

But Dr. Thrower’s treatments don’t end with medical procedures. After years of studying and practice, Dr. Thrower has created an over the counter skin care line to tackle issues specific to certain skin types called the Total Solution Kit. These packages include six products: a facial cleanser, a scrub to exfoliate, a mask to soften, a toner to revitalize, an SPF 30 face and body moisturizing lotion to protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and an aloe facial moisturizing cream to protect the skin and control irritation. There are three varieties of the Total Solution Kit—dry, normal/combination, and oily—to help ensure the skin is treated the way it should be. These kits are $168. 78, or $27.77 for a single bottle. To find out which kit is right for you, take this quiz to find out what skin type you are from the MedSpa website.

There is also a Total Solution Kit for those who suffer from acne. This kit has been specially formulated to eliminate any skin blemishes, scarring, and dark spots, and contains three bottles—a quick dry bump treatment, a dark spot fade treatment, and a skin lightening moisturizing lotion. The whole kit is $79.28, while the bump treatment alone is $20.00. Dr. Thrower also offers two creams, a Hydrotret and BPO 5% cream, intended to treat certain types of acne. Both of these creams are $60.00, and all of his top of the line products can be purchased at the MedSpa, online, and at select retailers.

Healthy Skin, Healthy You

Dr. Angelo Thrower is committed to teaching his clients and customers how to properly treat and care for their skin. Healthy skin is just a part of a healthy lifestyle, and Dr. Thrower’s work at the MedSpa along with his Total Solutions Kits will help people achieve that.

To make an appointment at the MedSpa, call (305) 757-9797, go to their website, or visit the Medspa itself!

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