Mark Shalloway Presents Pamela Wiener with the Elder Advocate Award

For over 25 years, Mark Shalloway and his firm, Shalloway & Shalloway, P.A., have not only been advocating for, but serving elders and their families.  Mr. Shalloway is among the first Elder Law Attorneys to in the nation to be certified by the National Elder Law Foundation. He has an established online presence due to his many public appearances and pro-bono work. Mr. Shalloway is proven to be a man who makes the more difficult things in life, such as estate planning, wills, Medicaid, guardianship and more, a little bit easier.

As a man who has dedicated his life to the law of elder care, Mark Shalloway recently honored another for doing the same. At the Prime Time Awards Celebration, Mark Shalloway presented Pamela Wiener with the 2018 Shalloway & Shalloway Elder Advocate Award for her service to the community, and improving the lives of older adults.

Who is Pamela Wiener?

Pamela Wiener

“In knowing Pam, you recognize that she is a special person whose passion and caring is far reaching,” Mr. Shalloway says about Ms. Wiener.

Pamela Wiener has dedicated her life to helping others all across the country and world. Her gerontology career and advocacy began in Jerusalem, where she worked in an adult day care setting. Eventually, she made her way back to South Florida as the Elder Care & Crisis Manager of the West Palm Beach Housing Authority and Managing Director of Pine Ridge Holistic Living Center.

Mr. Shalloway quotes the Quality Senior Living Award given to the West Palm Beach Housing Authority by the Florida Council on Aging announcement as the epitome of Pamela Wiener’s character. “Although the Agency does not have service to older adults in Florida as its primary focus, the exemplary efforts of WPBHA’s Elder Care & Crisis Manager, assisted by one Elderly Services Coordinator and one volunteer, personify a record of excellence in work on behalf of senior Floridians. These are individuals who rise above their daily duties with a passion and creativity to unselfishly serve the needs of a vital part of the community, its senior population.”

A True Advocate for Elders

Mr. Shalloway goes on to say, “Her giving spirit and tireless advocacy have and continue to make a difference in the lives of many in so many ways.”

Pamela Wiener is a crystal-clear model of an Elder Advocate, and her work is a prime example of the morals of Shalloway & Shalloway. Ms. Wiener’s work has a strong impact on South Florida, and its citizens are honored to have her here.

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