The NNRC Makes Legal Needs Simple

Since 1985, The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) has provided legal services to a wide variety of clients and handled over 10 million depositions. The NNRC offers one of the largest international court reporting (or stenographing) and litigation support services made of the most experienced, independently owned and operated court reporting firms all over the United States, and even parts of Canada and Europe.

An Expansive Database of Court Reporters to Choose From

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The national court reporters directory is probably the NNRC’s most valuable resource. With so many different search engines muddying the water, it is daunting nearly impossible to find a timely and reliable court reporter. This feature makes that search a breeze. The directory is easy to use and boasts three options that best fit a client’s needs. If “book a reporter” is selected, the client then fills out the specific reporter they desire, and it submits a proposal. If the client opts to “search by firm name,” a list of NNRC firm members appears, and the client can select which firm they would like to view or work with. Finally, if “search by location” is chosen, the client can select their location in the state directory and see local firms that are registered with The National Network Reporting company.  Unlike a Google search, the NNRC’s national court reporters directory puts excellent resources in one easy location that clients can access with just a few clicks of a button.

While anyone can apply to be a member of the NNRC, not everyone is accepted outright. Potential members must be recommended to the site and go through a comprehensive review in order to assure that they meet the standards in place by the NNRC. Members must be accurate, timely, professional, experienced, and have a “reputation for ethical, responsive customer service,” as laid out in their terms. The NNRC is dedicated to providing quality service to each of its clients, and that starts with offering talented and dedicated personnel.

A Variety of Litigation Services to Meet Your Needs

The NNRC provides more than just court reporters. A wide variety of litigation services, from legal video to trial presentation, are what help shape the company as a premiere legal resource. The top of the line equipment provided are guaranteed to give a client the best quality video and audio possible—as it is so important for preservation and documentation. These services are intended to fit all types of law, so any lawyer can come to the NNRC and be granted whatever service they need.

Since the company is not only national, but international, it is important that help be available at all hours. That is why the NNRC provides a 24-hour booking office and an online scheduling interface. Be it at two in the afternoon, or two in the morning, a client can schedule a service at their availability and be confident they will have the best service possible.

With easy access and booking for any legal necessity, the NNRC is the only source for state-of-the-art deposition technology and court reporting professionals a law professional needs.




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